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In Addition to our commitment towards excellence our advantages are :

We've come to change people's minds about waste. We can handle and dispose of waste such as Builder Clearance, Kitchen Filter waste, and Industrial Cleaning in a professional, effective, and legally compliant manner. We also provide household waste management and disposal services.

All of our services are fully Insured, Reliable, and cost-effective. There is no better choice for domestic and commercial waste collection in Birmingham in terms of quality and price.

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Our Services

With Midlands Metal & Waste, disposing of waste has never been easier. Since they are highly qualified professionals selected for their attention to detail for domestic and industrial waste collection and disposal, our professionals are effective and cautious. Our products and services include -



Household Waste


Metal Waste


Builders Clearance


Kitchen Fitter Waste


Bathroom Fitter Waste


Shop Fitting Waste

Enjoy Hassel-Free Waste Clearance Services with Midlands Metal & Waste

Our waste management firm, Midlands Metal & Waste is committed to providing top-notch services. We provide our clientele with a number of benefits. First and foremost, our company wants to alter how people view waste. Being an industry leader, we work to support sustainable methods of waste clearance and promote ethical waste management practices. We guarantee that garbage is managed effectively and responsibly by processing various sorts of waste, such as Builder Clearance, Kitchen Filter, and Industrial Cleaning waste, in a professional and legally acceptable manner.

In addition, Midlands Metal & Waste offers services for disposing of home waste to meet the needs of residential clients. This demonstrates their dedication to providing complete waste collection services to both household and business clients.

Moreover, the services are completely insured, giving clients assurance and security throughout the garbage collection and disposal process. We emphasise how affordable the services are in combination with being dependable. If you are looking for “waste collection near me”, contact us today. We promote ourselves as the best option for commercial and local rubbish removal in Birmingham by providing affordable costs without sacrificing quality.

In conclusion, we distinguish ourselves from competitors in the waste management sector by focusing on professionalism, efficacy, and legal compliance. With a variety of services, insurance protection, and a dedication to cost, we work to offer Birmingham's residential and business clients top-notch trash management options.

Our Most Authentic Services

You can anticipate a simple garbage disposal experience while working with Midlands Metal & Waste. We take pleasure in offering highly skilled workers who are chosen for their attention to detail and proficiency in the collection and disposal of household and commercial waste. Our staff is committed to providing solutions for responsible and efficient waste clearance. Here are a few examples of the goods and services we provide:

Commercial Waste Management

We are aware that each company has different waste management needs. So, we offer specialised commercial waste collections to address the unique requirements of different sectors and business operations as a result. In order to measure your waste creation, determine the best collection frequency, and develop personalised waste management strategies, our staff works together with you. To conduct effective rubbish collection, we use a fleet of contemporary trucks and qualified personnel. As a result of our team's training in suitable waste management procedures, waste is collected promptly and without interfering with your company's activities.

Household Waste Management

Our team of experts in household waste removal is highly skilled, knowledgeable, and committed to you the best possible service. They have the skills and equipment required to ensure effective and secure rubbish removal from your residential property. Our staff will handle your rubbish with consideration for your property and care. We take pleasure in offering excellent domestic waste removal services that are tailored to residential customers' unique needs. In order to achieve effective and ethical trash management, we put customer happiness first.

Garden Waste and Recycling Services

To assist you in maintaining the cleanliness and order of your outside spaces, we provide complete garden waste removal landscape waste disposal services. Our team is prepared to gather and properly dispose of any organic trash you may have, including grass clippings, branches, leaves, and other organic garbage. We make sure that your garden trash is processed for recycling or composting instead of going to the landfill. Our company recycle and compost according to industry standards, preventing yard waste from being wasted and being turned into useful resources. We help you create a cleaner, more sustainable future by using our waste disposal services.

Metal Waste Removal Services

In order to collect and transport metal debris from your location efficiently, our crew makes use of specialised tools and vehicles. We place a high value on swift and dependable service, making sure that your waste is removed as soon as possible to minimise any disruption to your business activities. To ensure the safe removal of metal waste, our skilled workers have received training in safe handling procedures. We are experts in offering dependable waste metal collection and disposal management services.

Kitchen Fitter Waste Management Services

When providing rubbish collection services, we put efficiency and promptness first. The collection time will be scheduled by our staff at a time that works with your project deadlines. We arrive at your location well prepared with all of the gear and machinery required to remove and transport kitchen waste disposal with efficiency. We can meet your demands for either a one-time pickup or routine waste removal. Midlands Metal and Waste is dedicated to environmental sustainability and practises responsible for waste disposal. If you are searching for “waste collectors near me” then we make sure that kitchen fitter trash is processed and reused in an environmentally friendly way as we collaborate with authorised recycling centres.

Shop Fitting Waste Management Services

All facets of trash management are covered by our shop-fitting garbage removal services. We are able to gather and remove a variety of waste items, including cardboard, plastic, metal, and wood. Our crew will make sure that every waste is correctly separated to enable recycling and reduce the negative effects on the environment. By selecting our services, you can relax knowing that your store-fitting waste is being disposed of in a responsible manner. We attempt to give the best level of waste disposal services at an affordable price by being honest about our pricing.

Let Us Help You Streamline Your Waste Management Processes

We give environmental protection first priority in our waste management procedures. By promoting recycling, material reuse, and reducing trash transported to landfills, our team is committed to minimising the negative effects of waste on the environment. Our waste clearance services can help you to create a greener future and show that you care about the environment. Midlands Metal and Waste is fully compliant with waste management laws and regulations, and it is authorised to operate. You can definitely rest easy knowing that waste is being responsibly and legally managed due to our commitment to ensuring that all waste is handled and disposed of in compliance with the law.

We are the best choice if you're looking for reputable waste removal services in your city. With a dedication to excellence and years of industry experience, we offer top-notch trash management services to meet the demands of both commercial and residential clients.

Please call us at 07946 066 126 if you have any questions or need assistance. Our committed and helpful crew is here to address your concerns and lead you through the waste removal procedure. Since we value effective communication and client happiness, we work hard to deliver the best service from beginning to end. Whether you need help with a little garbage removal project or a large-scale disposal demand, our committed staff is ready to provide superlative services with quickness and attention to detail.

Save your time and stop looking for questionable waste disposable services. Experience the ease, dependability, and professionalism that our team offers to every trash management project by getting in touch with us. We are here to help you to get rid of your waste conveniently.


Household Waste removal Birmingham

Midlands Metal and Waste have been serving Birmingham's recycling needs for more than two decades. Midlands Metal and Waste is an alternative to skips. Simply call and schedule a time for Midlands Metal and Waste to come out and remove all of your waste and garbage, as well as any household products, to recycling centres across Birmingham. You won't have to do any heavy lifting or labour because we'll take care of it. We're fully insured and a licenced waste carrier.

If you're looking for a professional waste removal service in your city, look no further, please contact us at 07946 066 126 if you have any questions. Our supportive workers will happily assist you with your request.

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