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Household Waste removal Coleshill

Midlands Metal and Waste remove and clear household waste and rubbish from coleshill, Beds, fridges, carpets, wardrobes, electrical items, settees, sofas, cupboards, washing machines all rubbish and waste cleared. We try to recycle 100% of household waste. We also clear all garden waste fence panels, bushes, trees, conifers, grass cuttings, trampolines. Please call us for house waste removal a free quotation and more information. All garden rubbish and waste recycled.




Metal Services removal Coleshill

Midlands Metal and Wasteoffer a free collection for light iron.  Larger amounts of light iron can be arranged in Coleshill.

Midlands Metal and Waste collect and buy all non ferrous scrap metal brass, copper, Household cable, aluminium, stainless steel, lead etc. The way we collect the scrap metal is by delivering an empty wheeled cage, security tag sealable. When cage is full contact us and we come and collect and take to our scrap metal site where we live web cam your scrap metal being weighed so you can see weights. Plumbers, factory’s, manufacturers, electricians, shop fitters or any other company or person that generates non ferrous scrap metal in coleshill can make use of this service, money is then transferred direct into your bank .Please call for account set up and more information on this service. You do not have to leave site, house, factory or unit to see your scrap metal being recycled and sold.


Builders’ clearance removal Coleshill

Midlands Metal and Waste clear and remove all builders light rubbish and waste from coleshill, wood, glass, insulation, plastic, old windows, plasterboard, plaster, bathroom and kitchen refurbishment waste. All builders light rubbish and waste cleared and disposed of at our recycling sites across Birmingham, we aim to recycle 100%.We offer a friendly and punctual service as we know Builders needs with waste. Please call us for construction waste disposal and free quotation.




Kitchen fitters waste removal Coleshill

Midlands Metal and Waste have built our business on light rubbish and waste removal and recycling, we aim to recycle 100% of the waste to save it going to landfill. Over years of experience we have come to learn that skips are not always practical for your customer on their driveway or premises, we have a solution, put your rubbish and waste in a suitable place and we come along and move it at the punctual time you request. We do a lot of kitchen waste refurbishment in coleshill, cooker, fridge, washing machines, cupboards, tiles, plasterboard carpet, sink all rubbish and waste cleared. Contact us for more details and a free quotation.


Bathroom fitters waste removal Coleshill

Midlands Metal and Waste do a lot of rubbish and waste clearance for bathroom fitters in the coleshill area, Baths, sinks, toilets, tiles, plasterboard, carpet, shower tray, shower, shelves, mirrors all rubbish and waste cleared. We aim to recycle 100% of bathroom waste at our recycling points .We know from past experience skips aren’t always appreciated on customer’s driveway, we have a solution as your removing old bathroom waste put in a suitable place, call us with an exact time you want and we will be there to clear and remove all rubbish and waste. Please contact us for more information and a quote.


Shop fitters waste removal Coleshill

Midlands Metal and Waste offer a 24 hour service for shop fitters in coleshill as we have done so much work with shop fitters we know their times vary and skips are not always practical. Call us with your demands on removing all the rubbish and waste from the shop and we will arrive with our waste collection vehicle and remove rubbish direct from shop to vehicle saving the need for skips. Please call now for more details on our services to your selves in coleshill and a quotation.



Landscapers clearance removal Coleshill

Midlands Metal and Waste have over 20 years experience with landscapers in coleshill, we can offer a very competitive rates as there are many recycling sites in the area and aim recycle 100% of the waste. We only remove and clear landscapers light waste,  conifers, trees, sheds, fence panels and posts, grass cuttings, garden furniture, bushes, wood, cardboard and packaging. We know you need a punctual service so give us a call, book in and we guarantee a punctual time as we appreciate you have new materials arriving a lot of the time. Please call now for a landscape waste removal and any other information you may require.


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