Metal Waste

We collect and buy your scrap metal from where ever you are...

Simply give us a call and our team will come to you to buy your non
ferrous scrap metal. At which point money is then paid into your bank

We buy:

  • Dry bright wire
  • Aluminium
  • Clean copper tubing
  • Aluminium cuttings
  • Heavy copper
  • High grade cable
  • Mixed brass
  • Household cable
  • Braziery copper
  • Low grade cable
  • Stainless Steel
  • Lead

A solution to moving your scrap - Scrap Bins!

We provide a 24 hour scrap metal removal service to help our clients to remove their scrap from factories, offices, shops, hospitals, hotels and many more!

Our services are ideal for building constructions, refurbs and manufacturing.

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    We will weigh your scrap metal and will pay you for what is being collected

Promote Environmental Sustainability with Our Scrap Metal Collection Services

The procedure of gathering and recycling used metal materials for reuse is referred to as scrap metal collection. Midlands Metal and Waste offer the best scrap metal recycling and collection services that entails gathering numerous kinds of metal trash, including aluminium, copper, steel, and brass, from various locations, including construction sites, factories, residences, and auto scrapyards. Once the scrap metal has been collected, it is sorted, processed, and delivered to recycling facilities, where it is melted down and used to create new goods. In order to decrease the need for new metal resources, conserve energy, and lessen the environmental impact of mining and producing new metals, therefore our waste metal collection is extremely important. 

We focus on both ferrous and non-ferrous metal recycling. Our company provides comprehensive services to effectively handle and recycle various forms of metal trash due to our expertise in metal waste and management. We have the expertise and resources to efficiently process both ferrous metals like iron and steel as well as non-ferrous metals like aluminium, copper, brass, and alloys. Our team can assist if you are searching for a "scrap metal collection near me" as we are a trustworthy and experienced scrap metal collection business that specialises in collecting and recycling different kinds of metal trash. We have affordable prices for a variety of metal products such as dry bright wire, aluminium, clean copper tubing, aluminium cuttings, heavy copper, high-grade cable, mixed brass, household cable etc.

Being an industry leader, we collect, sort, process, and transport scrap metal items to recycling facilities as part of our metal waste management service. Our company place a high priority on environmentally conscious behaviour and sustainable practises, making sure that the metal trash is properly recycled and diverted from landfills. You can trust Midlands Metal and Waste's experience to manage your metal trash effectively, assisting in resource conservation and lowering environmental impact. Please get in touch with us if you're seeking scrap metal collecting. Our expert staff will provide you with the information you need and help you set up the collection of your metal waste.

Choose Our Seamless and Efficient Scrap Metal Removal Services

Resource Conversation:

Scrap metal recycling lessens the requirement for raw materials to be extracted and even processed, hence preserving natural resources. We can lessen the need for mining, which has a substantial impact on the environment, by recycling metals. 

Energy Savings:

Recycling scrap metal uses less energy than producing new metal from scratch. For instance, recycling aluminium can save up to 95% of the energy required to make it from bauxite ore. Being scrap metal collectors, we understand the importance of energy savings. 

Environmental Impact Reduction:

Our scrap metal collection aids in lowering the volume of metal waste dumped in landfills, hence lowering the risks to the environment. Scrap metal must be disposed of and recycled properly to avoid contaminating the soil and water and harming the environment. If you're searching for the best "scrap metal dealer near me", we are proud to be your ideal solution. 

Carbon Footprint Reduction:

When compared to mining and refining operations, scrap metal recycling services results in lower greenhouse gas emissions. By reducing the harmful emissions of carbon dioxide and other pollutants linked to metal production, it aids in the fight against climate change.

Cost Savings:

Scrap metal collections can help manufacturers and businesses cut costs. Businesses can cut their manufacturing costs and expenses related to the acquisition of raw materials by using recycled metals.

Community Engagement:

Supporting our waste metal collecting fosters environmental awareness and community involvement. It encourages people, companies, and organisations to engage in sustainable practices and make a positive difference towards a cleaner, healthier environment.

We Have Expertise in Handling Various Types of Metals

We have a comprehensive understanding of the scrap metal market due to our many years of expertise in the field. Our knowledge enables us to offer accurate assessments and reasonable prices for your metal materials. For your scrap metal, we offer incredibly competitive prices. Our aim is to maximise your return on investment while giving you the best value for your materials. If you are conducting a search using search engines or online directories about "scrap metal recyclers near me" then we are the one-stop destination. We offer convenient facilities for metal scrap pickup and delivery. For our clients, we strive to make the procedure as simple and effective as feasible.

We offer a 24-hour scrap metal disposal service that is tailored to your needs. The top-notch services provide a selection of tough and secure scrap bins that can be positioned where you choose. Our bins are available in several sizes to hold various amounts of scrap metal, making the collection procedure simple.

Building construction, renovation, and manufacturing processes benefit especially from our services. We are aware that managing the huge volumes of scrap metal that these sectors frequently produce can be time-consuming and difficult. With the help of our scrap bins, you can effectively gather and arrange your metal debris while upholding a tidy and secure workplace. By using our scrap bins and removal service, you can concentrate on your business activities while leaving the administration of the scrap metal to us. We place a high value on professionalism, effectiveness, and environmental stewardship, making sure that your scrap is properly recycled and kept out of landfills.

We adhere to the principles of honesty and transparency in all of our business dealings. You may rely on us to give you a thorough explanation of the metal pricing, the weighing procedure, and the payment arrangements. Contact us today!