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Household Waste removal Shirley

Midlands Metal and Waste collect and dispose of all your household rubbish and waste, the rubbish is collected and taken to our recycle points across Birmingham. We also clear all garden waste sheds, bushes, trees, shrubs, conifers, fence panels and posts, garden furniture etc. The household rubbish and waste we are asked to collect is usually beds, wardrobes, carpets, fridges, washing machines, settees, sofas, tables, old clothes, electrical items .All household waste removed from Shirley. Please call for any questions you may have and more information. We do a lot of our work in Shirley so please call for a free quotation.




Metal Services removal Shirley

Midlands Metal and Waste offer a free collection for light iron.  Larger amounts of light iron can be arranged in the Shirley area.

Midlands Metal and Waste use a new concept to collection all your non ferrous scrap metal in Shirley, lead, copper, cables, aluminium, brass, stainless steel all non ferrous scrap metal .An  empty security sealable wheeled cage is delivered where once full of scrap metal can be sealed. Call us we arrange a time to collect waste metal collection from your house, factory, site, and anywhere non ferrous scrap metal is generated. Electricians, plumbers, shop fitters, manufacturers any industry that creates scrap metal use us as they don’t have to leave premises to sell their scrap metal. Call, we collect and take it to our metal recycling facility where a live web cam weight of your scrap metal is done and we send it to yourselves so you can see weights. Money is then paid directly into your bank. Please call for account information and any other questions you may have.


Builders’ clearance removal Shirley

Midlands Metal and Waste have over 20 years experience of the removal of builders and the construction industries light rubbish and waste in Shirley. We remove and clear all light waste such as wood, plastic, insulation, plasterboard, plaster, old windows, cardboard, kitchen and bathroom refurbishments waste. Please call for more information on our services and a quotation.



Kitchen fitters waste removal Shirley

Midlands Metal and Waste know skips aren’t always the solution for kitchen fitters in Shirley to clear their rubbish and waste after a kitchen refurbishment. Customers don’t always want a skip on their drive or premises so over time we learnt to offer a punctual and reliable service to remove kitchen fitters waste to save having to use skips. We remove cookers, sinks, worktops, cupboards, tiles, plaster, plasterboard, carpets, shelves, fridges, washing machines all kitchen waste cleared. Give us a call, arrange a time we will be there, contact us for free quotation and any other information you require.


Bathroom fitters waste removal Shirley

Midlands Metal and Waste again like other trades have learnt that bathroom fitters sometimes have a problem getting cleared of the waste a bathroom refurbishment generates. Customers don’t want to lose parking by having a skip on their drive whilst work is going on, call us we are never far away from Shirley and we will come collect and try to recycle 100% of the waste at recycling facilities across Birmingham. Sinks, baths, toilets, shower trays, showers, tiles, plasterboard, plaster, carpet.  All waste cleared call for free quotation and any other questions you may have.


Shop fitters waste removal Shirley

Midlands Metal and Waste offer a 24 hour service for shop fitters in Shirley; we understand skips can be difficult so we offer a service where the waste can be removed straight from the shop into our waste collection vehicle. All rubbish and waste cleared from shops and taken to recycling sites across Birmingham, please call us for commercial waste removal and more information.


Landscapers clearance removal Kings Heath

Midlands Metal and Waste do a lot of work for landscapers in Shirley; we remove all garden waste fence panels, fence posts, sheds, conifers, bushes, trees, grass cuttings, wood all light rubbish and waste landscape gardeners create whilst doing their work. We understand the importance of getting waste cleared so new materials can be delivered so call now for free quote and any other information you need.


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